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Through paintings that range from a kind of curious folklore to more traditional Latin iconography,  Marco Shares with us a whimsical world view. His vivid creations, he admits, are inspired from the very ordinary things around him - an image coded in a spackle wall,  an overheard phrase uttered by a passer-by. In this way, Marco serves his art as an open source innovator.​                             -Rey Amaya


For over 25 years Marco has been a successful commercial artist and has contributed to several well-know action sports & clothing companies. Marco grew up in the heart of Southern California where Surf & Skate Culture was born; this has been the main influence for his art and life. He quickly grew a passion for skateboarding and bmx trick riding after visiting his first skate park in the late 70’s. He quickly moved up the ranks in the skateboarding world and started skating in the late 80’s for Vision Skateboards, Vision Street Wear and Independent Truck Co. Marco was introduced to the power of advertising when his sponsors featured him in their marketing campaigns. In the industry he moved on to work for such companies as Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse Skateboards, Duff Shoes, Mossimo clothing, West Coast Choppers Footwear and DADA footwear. As a painter, Marco has shown his work at galleries across California and continues his work in skateboarding, surfing, action sports, hot rod, motorcycle and custom culture.

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